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Your Experts For Sewage Pumps in NYC

Sewage Pump

Sewage pumps are essential to any installation requiring a liquid to move from one location to another. No matter the kind of fluid, the pump must perform correctly to prevent overflow or backup. When you need sewage pumps in NYC, you expect them to do their job without fail every single time.

Septic Tanks & More

Sewage pumps can be submerged and are typically under almost constant use, so reliability is a key indicator when you’re looking for a new installation or replacement. Submersible sewage pumps spend most of their life at the bottom of basins or receptacles, like septic tanks. As a result, dependability is paramount to protect the health and safety of the property and the people who live or work there.

Commercial & Residential Installations

When you require a sewage pump installation, it’s best to contact a professional company. We’ll help you choose the correct equipment for your needs and ensure everything is functioning as intended. As leaders in our field, we understand our products and can supply support should you have any questions.

Our experienced team also offers a range of additional services, including fire pump repairs. Call Platinum Pump Corp. to discuss all your sewage pump supply, installation, and repair needs.