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Offering Efficient Fire Pump Service in New York, NY

Fire Pump

One of the key components of any sprinkler system is the pump. Powered by either electric, diesel, or steam, these pumps are typically connected to either the public water supply or a static water source. The pumps are designed to automatically turn on if pressure drops below a threshold in the fire sprinkler system. This helps to ensure that there is enough water to cover all areas of your property.

As with all mechanical systems, your sprinkler pump will require regular maintenance to ensure it stays in peak operating condition. And at Platinum Pump Corp., we are here to help with our full fire pump service in New York, NY. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your fire pump is working correctly and that it is ready to meet your sprinkler system's water needs. This way, you know that your sprinkler system will have the volume of water needed to put out any fires in your building. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance services or to schedule a visit from our skilled technicians.

Offering Pump Sales

In addition to providing maintenance services, we also offer fire sprinkler pump sales. Our team can recommend the type of pump that you need for your property, ensuring that it will provide enough pressure for your entire sprinkler system. Some types of booster pumps we offer include horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical inline, vertical turbine, and end suction.